Advantages of houses with attic for adaptation

House design with attic for adaptation is a compromise solution between a one-story house and a two-story house. In such projects, generally on the ground floor there are: kitchen, living room, bathrooms and 2-3 bedrooms, and the attic is an open space, designed for any arrangement in accordance with the individual needs of the investor.

The great advantage of such houses is the possibility of staging the investment – the attic can be finished at any time, also a few years after the development of the ground floor.

Houses with attics for later adaptation

Are often chosen by young people who plan to expand their family in the future. When they move into a newly built house, ground floor space is enough for them, but as children grow up, it will be necessary to develop the attic. Leaving a free space in the attic will certainly work out if investors anticipate looking after their parents in the future.

Seniors will probably be more comfortable on the ground floor, while a younger couple will be able to arrange a comfortable bedroom in the attic along with their own bathroom and wardrobe.

If guests often appear at home

A daughter with her own family, it is worth thinking about transforming the attic into a comfortable zone for visitors. This is a very beneficial solution, because in the winter season, such rooms require heating only during the stay of guests. There is another advantage of this solution – the unheated and well-insulated attic creates a buffer zone, thanks to which the escape of warm air is limited, and the house does not cool down so quickly.

The attic space will also work if one of the household members is a freelancer and needs a quiet place to work. The attic is great for organizing a study or studio. In both cases, proper lighting should be ensured. Some investors allocate the attic as a gym, recreation room, mini-cinema or traditionally, at least temporarily, organize an attic there. The large space allows you to store a variety of equipment – from unused furniture and seasonal sports equipment to children’s toys and clothes.

The method of attic development

In a large area depends on the needs and imagination of the investor. The open space of the attic allows any division and arrangement of this living space.

The range of possibilities is huge – from the bedroom, through the study, guest room, to the gym and the standard attic with drying room.

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