How to Invest Money

Many people fail to invest or invest their money in investments that are not profitable, precisely because of the lack of knowledge about how to invest money safely. In fact, this is a lot easier than you might think. Good investments require discipline, information and basic knowledge about how the investment market works. Want to know how to invest your money better? Check out these tips:

Identify your profile as an investor

Identify your profile as an investor

This is the first step for those who want to take good care of their equity and learn how to invest money correctly. It does not matter if your profile is more conservative (risk averse) or bold (is willing to deal with any losses): it is imperative to find the types of investment that are right for you. And to do this, you need to identify your profile as an investor.

Are you willing to take risks such as stock fluctuations that devalue your investment? Do you prefer to have a fixed income, but less likely to lose? How long do you intend to leave the money invested? Answering these questions is essential to identify your profile and then find the applications that are right for you. In general, the Brazilian is more conservative, since we have a history of interest rates, economic instability and high inflation.

Make Money Work for You

Make Money Work for You

Every investment must have one goal in common: make it multiply and work for you. Instead of living on account of paying bills, repaying debts, putting together some exchanges every month to save money, would not it be nice to be able to count on your investment income? For that is the goal of every investor.

With that in mind, The Alvings has created a simple, fast, and low risk Investment Guide that will bring profitability to your money.

Our rule is simple and can be done in two steps:

1) Invest your financial reserve in Fundo DI: separate the equivalent of at least 3 salaries to apply in DI funds, a fixed income type.

2) Invest for the future by applying in average bank securities (CDB, LCA, LCI): the rest of your money is invested in middle-market bonds that yield more than DI and are guaranteed by the FGC (same savings guarantee).

For more details, see our Investment Guide post.

Invest for the Future: Retirement

Invest for the Future: Retirement

Nothing to invest thinking of the next year, or the exchange of the car. We must also invest for the future. This ensures that you have a quieter retirement, not just dependent on the government (which is getting smaller). Consider options like fixed income applications with long grace periods for redemption.

Broaden your knowledge on how to invest money

To know the effect of high interest on investments, how to bypass inflation, or even which markets are going to be rising in the future, you need to know. Try to read about economics and finance on the internet and in specialized newspapers, such as Valor Econômico . As much as you do not understand all the terms initially, this is a way to start learning and making better investment choices in the future.

With these tips on how to invest money, it’s time to put some recommendations into practice! Take advantage of these tips to make good investments and save money! Still have questions or suggestions? Leave your comments here!


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