The best loan for a new car !

The best loan for a new car !

This year, the Swedish brand has decided to renew its bestseller: the famous Volvo XC60, so well known for 10 years. This SUV has been sold worldwide in more than one million copies and has kept the leading position in Belgium for four years. During all these years, he has held up well against fierce competitors, such as the Audi Q5, the BMW X5, the Jaguar F-Pace and the Mercedes GLC.

But during this renewal, Volvo wanted to put the priority on the high-end in its range of “90”. And the XC60 is no exception as it follows in the footsteps of the XC90, and on many levels. However, it is not easy to afford such a jewel. Indeed, the basic model starts at almost € 49,000. Add to that some options and the addition increases easily. But there are fortunately financing solutions that will allow you to crack for this car, such as via a new car loan the cheapest.

Always more classy


From an aesthetic point of view, the Volvo XC60 holds a lot of its big brother, with the difference that it is smaller. Less heavy and more athletic too. Where his direct competitors are still discreet, he manages to win through a design that brings out the automotive landscape. It is indeed a compact SUV borrowed style by its flat hood, its taxable grille and its well-designed headlights, both in the front (T-shaped) and back (shaped of the).

As for the interior design of the SUV, its interior is irreproachable and its materials very neat. In addition, the large vertical touch screen is a guarantee of modernity. Finally, the shaping of the car typically reflects the Scandinavian style: welcoming, bright and pleasant. What really make way for a luxury atmosphere.

Driving and safety

Driving and safety

Volvo’s motto? Security, of course! It’s been 90 years since the Swedish manufacturer rolled for safety . And this is reflected even more today, mainly in his model XC60, which was one of eight cars sent by EuroNCAP crash test. And it is he who is doing the best, with a score of 98%! This goes, among other things, with a touch of technology. Indeed, Volvo now allows the detection of animals causing an emergency braking. This means that, in addition to passers-by and vehicles, the car will be able to brake in the presence of animals.

To reinforce this security, the brand offers assistance, prevention and security options.

Assistance : help with driving to make journeys more enjoyable.

  • Pilot Assist helps you keep your vehicle on your traffic lane by maintaining a certain safety distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Blind Spot Information warns the driver that a vehicle is coming into the blind spot of the car.
  • Road Sign Information helps to follow certain signs, such as speed limits.
  • Driver Alert Control has the function of attracting the attention of the driver in case of distraction or fatigue.

Prevention: limit the risk of accidents

  • The purpose of the lane departure warning system is to reduce the risk of inadvertent change of traffic lane.
  • City Safety helps avoid accidents. According to Volvo, ” This feature can prevent or mitigate a collision with a pedestrian, a cyclist, a large animal, or a vehicle. Warning lights, audible warnings and braking pulses are issued in the event of a collision risk to help the driver intervene in time. If the driver does not react to the warning and the risk of collision is imminent, City Safety can automatically brake the car. “

Safety: protect the driver and his passengers in the event of an accident. But besides the usual functions, the brand also has:

  • Pedestrian Protection System : In some frontal collisions, this function aims to reduce the impact of the car with the pedestrian. And this, thanks to sensors placed at the front of the vehicle that raise the rear part of the bonnet.
  • Whiplash Protection System : In the event of an impact at the rear of the vehicle, the position of the front seats will adjust to protect against cervical injuries.

Motorization – Twin Engine

Motorization - Twin Engine

Volvo engines are well known to enthusiasts. But with this revival of the XC60, a new engine: the T8, a member of the Twin Engine category. It is a gasoline engine 2.0 powered by an electric motor and a compressor providing, alone, 320 hp. This torque offers a power of 407 horses, allowing a passage from 0 to 100 km / h in only 5.3 seconds. And that, without harming the environment. Indeed, the Volvo XC60 has four driving modes: Pure, Hybrid, Dynamic and AWD.

  • Pure (full electric) : allows to ride 30 to 40 km without the help of the engine
  • Hybrid : promotes electricity (unless you have a really heavy foot). However, this empties the batteries as fast as in Pure mode. But allows, in return, a consumption of 1.2L / 100km.

Luxury is paying for itself

Luxury is paying for itself

It’s well known, all at a price. And in the case of this superb SUV, it is a sad reality. While the previous edition was accessible from € 30,000, the bar was, this time, placed much higher. Indeed, this new model is not cheap. The starting price? 49,250 €! A famous sum. And if you opt for a more powerful engine with a few options, the note climbs without worrying about your wallet.

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